Saturday 17 October 2015

Birthday Celebrations at Farm Sanctuary.

This past weekend(posted this on my birthday date) it was my Birthday and what I most wanted was to spend the day with some loving animals. Obviously these are still animals who some of them are still stressed, and have issues that are trying to heal from. Most were not born there but came to the Sanctuary from various heart-wrenching circumstances. However I was happy that I got to spend the day with them, and also be able to do some own healing from the horrendous everyday stuff I see. Sanctuaries are both healing to the visitor and to the animals. To my luck too, visiting one of the most well known sanctuaries in the world I got to have the place almost all to myself. Very quiet day, which I am grateful for and got to spend lots of time just being with the animals, even if most of it was from a distance. Was so lovely to see animals be themselves. No one is forced to eat x amount of grain cause they need to get fat so they can be killed. Animals could do what they pleased, how they wanted, etc. I spent a large amount of time there and would spent even longer if I could. If it was a weather wise better day I would of easily gotten 10x the amount of photos I got. Did my soul good to see cows just enjoying the fields no rush or need to eat so much because their is no rush for them to get the weight. When you spend week after week seeing animals on their way to be slaughtered and you connect with some of them and then next thing you know it in a few minutes they will be dead its heartbreaking my soul was in deep need of connecting with some lovely beings and also to get to know them better as I think getting hands on experience with these animals is a crucial ingredient to my advocacy for them. It was a lovely day.

Also if you have not yet heard or not following they recently rescued close or about 200 animals from a backyard butcher. The mama and piglets were one of the rescues. Most of the animals are sick, have infections, or are going to need treatment or surgery of some sort so they really are in need to donations to help pay for those things. If you would like to donate please check their official facebook page on how you can make donation to contribute to all the expenses. Please also check additional sanctuaries who are also taking animals in from this horrendous situations. Farm Sanctuary Facebook

Two of the others are Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, and Catskill Animal Sanctuary

To view the full album please visit my facebook page you can access the album → HERE

A selection of a few of my favorite photos
(If you're not on facebook here are the official websites to the sanctuaries farm sanctuaries link takes you straight to the story of the rescue. Farm SanctuaryWoodstock Farm SanctuaryCatskill Animal Sanctuary)

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Thursday 8 October 2015

Bearing Witness: October 8th, 2015

Had a good vigil today, thanks to everyone who came!!! We had good numbers there today ♥ I started counting trucks then somehow stopped but we bear witness to many trucks this morning. Although was not always able to make it to the median on time we did get to spend some time with some of them before their horrible ending happened. So heartbreaking we treat fellow beings this way, they are loving beings with the intelligence even greater than dogs which most of us share our homes with. I hope while we were there could feel some love, some peace, some moments of relief but its must be horrible, they are LIVING A NIGHTMARE. Animals themselves are the biggest sufferers from PTSD, (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). The things they witness, the things they go through, its something we can't even get close to imagining but not quite. We can pick up their energy and that affects our own being. Its unbelievably tragic that these beings have had to go through the horrors they did, they are so SWEET and simply want to be loved. But because someones ribs, and bacon they had to die. Our choices dictate what world we are building, and it comes from our actions THIS VERY MOMENT. The past has brought us to where we are today, but today will predict our future. No being DESERVES to go through what they went through today, and several thousands others did around the world. If we have compassion in our hearts it will lead us home. We've lost our path, as protectors, as guardians, instead we bathe in terms and mentality of ownership and property to other living beings. It doesn't matter what has been done, no one can change the past, no one can bring back a life, but we can save, and prevent others from having to face the cruelty they face on an on going basis. Animals are here with us and not for us, truly heartbreaking. We see you, we love you, we are trying.

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Saturday 3 October 2015

Fast Against Slaughter

For those that don't know yesterday was World Farmed Animal Day(October 2nd) it was also Fast Against Slaughter. Activists around the world and non vegans took to the challenge to live for 24 hours like how many animals around the globe live prior to slaughter. Average animals can go any where from 24 + hours without food or water....In Canada many people do not know this but standard that animals go 52 hours WITHOUT food or water. Animals can travel for 2 or 3 days even prior to reaching their final destination where they will be slaughtered. I took part in the fasting. I went without drinking anything from midnight till 11 am in the morning, in Toronto it was super cold, so after 11am I grabbed myself a tea and only had that, nothing was added not even sweetener. I can tell you one thing, the lack of food and water one day only did take a toll on my body and I can only imagine how these animals have to go through. Also arriving at union station at 7 some in the morning I felt for a bit like so many animals do.. Walking in a pack little room to make your way to another spot, etc. I also spent most of my day standing. I was beyond exhausted when I got home but I still had my live which some of the individuals in here did not. When I arrived at Toronto I made my way to the slaughterhouses, after taking the subway and the street car when I arrived at the air I made my way to the slaughterhouse, bear witness to several trucks several of them were in bad shape as you can see in the album but unfortunately the really bad truck of cows I could not get any of the cows pictures.. However the truck is in one of the pictures the outside of it.. Each cow was heavily matted, completely covered in feces, the truck was covered all over in feces, and even saw a really badly injured cow... If the truck would of stopped for even a second I might of managed to get a shot of the condition of them but unfortunately I did not. After being there for several hours around 10:30 those of us who were there took to join fellow activists on the streets doing awareness. It was a cold, super windy day but we spend most of the day on St Clair helping to raise awareness with the plight of these animals. Its so sad that several of these lives were just here, and now there bodies are being sent to become shoes, belts, and stores for people to eat their bodies. It was a good day, doing outreach and being there for so many lives who vast majority of people never even take the second thought to consider.

Tuesday 14 July 2015

Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary Visit

This past weekend I made a trip to Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary. It was so nice to be able to see some happy animals in comparison to the average animals I see on a day to day basis. Holding weekly vigils can take a toll on you sometimes. I continue to do it cause they need us but it was nice to get to spend some hours with some very happy loving animals.

 Each of the animals at th sanctuary have come from certain circumstances. A couple of the pigs fell of a slaughter-bound truck and found their way to a loving sanctuary. Here they get to live their days in peace and harmony and so very well loved.

 Unfortunately this sanctuary does not have many opening to go and visit, they only have open house a couple times a year otherwise the only way you can go and visit is by work visits. Which means they allow for people to volunteer and help work at the farm during the weekend but that is the only ways you can visit them. So I was very grateful that I was able to go and visit them and get to spend some time with some of the animals.

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