Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sterilization Clinic #2

This month I embarked on my second sterilization clinic in Cancun Mexico in one of the poorest neighbourhoods. As many places in the world strays, overpopulation is still dense. These clinics are held for free for people who cannot afford to pay to spay/neuter their pets. Often we take time to round up some strays in the area as well and get them spayed/neutered. Only 20 dollars helps to spay or neuter an animal (cats and dogs are done at these clinics). A lot of time these are the only time a dog/cat sees a vet.

 You see all kinds of people at these clinics, people who care, people who are indifferent, even some tragic cases however getting people to come and do this for their pet is a huge step stone to reaching out to the world in better animal care and help out with the various issues that affect not only Mexico but the world.

I saw a few tragic stories, one of the stories is a reason to encourage people to spay and neuter their pets. A dog was found in the trash, barely breathing, in terrible pain with mange, paper-thin and seems it had been burned. The poor dog was brought into the clinic and resulted it being humanely euthanized, as it was too sick to survive. However this makes for a good lesson in why spay and neuter in the first place. Lots of animals are left to fend for themselves on the streets, some of them survive where a lot of them don’t. While lots of people rescue and do the best to save as many as can it is impossible to save them all. By spaying/neutering you’re not only doing good for your animals health as you are helping out with the population issue as well.

As the type of people varies that come into the clinic you see all kinds of people. However one of the ladies that I remember, she came up to me as I was taking care of one of the dogs that came out of surgery. She came to me and basically told me in Spanish she said thank you for all your hard work and all your doing, and God bless. You know all in all that you’re making a difference and that some people truly appreciate what we are doing.

Well when I was not busy helping out on the recovery table I was trying to get as many shots as possible. I truly enjoyed helping out both ways equally. Tasks included deflating tubes, removing tubes, cleaning blood from the dogs/puppies skin and by the last day I even added giving the needles to the list. Naturally any moment I had to spare it was grabbing my camera quickly to take some photos before I was needed at the recovery table again.

 I would like personally to thank RUI for the accommodations, CEO Mexico for transportation to and from the clinic and airport and also Air Transat for flying me down to be able to help out with this wonderful event once again!

Various pictures from the clinic! Our grand total for this clinic was over our goal. Total of over 1566 animals spayed and neutered. Also have to give HUGE HUGE PROPS to George Lopez and Jennifer Pryor that helped fund our clinic .

 (to view more pictures please click read more & to view larger size simply click on the photo)


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