Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Wishing Well Sanctuary

So this is my first entry in my new blog. Recently Saturday November 29th was Wishing Well Sanctuary's last open house. I made a dash and got a quick visit at this place. Was kind of late so did not get to hear many stories of the animals. However I got to spend time with some of the sheep and the two male calves Kai and Bali.

Bali, and Kai were rescued from eventually becoming veal and now they have a place to call home at Wishing Well Sanctuary. It so important to support these sanctuaries as they are not supported by any finical support other then donations. A lot of time owners put in whatever money they have into the non profits just to make it work.

 Any who. Here are some photos from my visit. Hopefully when they open again to the public after winter is over I can learn more and have a little more to say.  

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