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Its so lovely to have you here! I hope you enjoy your stay.

Pals illuminated photography tunes in with my other blog and animal activism page. I started Pals illuminated photography with hopes to one day take and grow this to different levels and aspirations with duel meaning.

I love photography and it is my art. I am a passionate animal activist and also live a vegan lifestyle. By no means am I perfect but promoting a vegan way of life is extremely important. Not so much for my own inner beliefs but out of  respect of the fellow earthlings that we share this planet with. Who endure so much hardships ones  that we can find solutions for. Which brings me into my photography.

I hopefully will bring a balance between hardships and just heart-warming moments. A lot of my photography is nature based, fellow animals. I adore animals and everyday I learn more of how precious they truly are. Hopefully I can bring that out through my creativity the importance of respecting our fellow earthlings and also to hopefully inspire others to also take action for the greater good.

I'm located in Hamilton/Burlington area in Ontario Canada. I am creative by nature as my formal training was in graphic and web design. My photography is self taught, I have taken some courses on photography but generally speaking its self taught.

Other activism work and ways you can contact me is through my page to help  end BSL in Ontario, Golden Horseshoe Farmed Animal Save, & my other activism page P.A.L's Illuminated!

I hope you enjoy your stay and please come back!

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