Saturday, 7 March 2015

Part 1 Feb 2015 Sterilization Clinic

I'll be doing clinic and related in 3 parts. This is the first segment the actual clinic part and photos.

February 2015 I went down to Mexico for another clinic. This time it was much smaller scale then I am used too. Most of the clinics I have done, over 800 animals are spayed or neutered. So this time around it was much smaller scale but EQUALLY important.

We did an area called Rancho Viejo which is right next to (Corales)Cancun Mexico. Which oddly Rancho Viejo is part of Isla Mujeres but is on the mainland. Its one of the worst areas I have seen so far. Definitely an area that needs help and hopefully future clinics will be done there as well. Quite a bit of poverty and a lot of peoples houses are pretty much shacks. So you can only imagine the state of some of the dogs some of the worst I have seen. Yet so many areas of Mexico(and other places in the world) need so much help.

One lady came in with some dogs and said she was so grateful that we were there as she was running out of ideas what to do as she has already so many dogs. There is also no Vet in this area. I do not think there is a doctors either. So you can imagine. There was a fair amount of boys also that helped us and spent time with us at the clinic. Quite a few of them did not have shoes walking around bare feet. They had mentioned to us that they do not go to school because they do not want too. School is free however you do have to pay for the supplies which for a poor area can already be quite a lot when even basic shelter you do not have properly. However the kids were interested in what we were doing, trying to get dogs, and they did know the area as well.

The one rough and situation we had was on Friday they got a call that there was a dog that was going around and biting children. So I was asked to go and help bring the dog in as the man said he would not touch the dog. So Friday we went looking for the dog but could not find him. Saturday they finally got the call hat they had found him and this was the one indeed and even the kids confirmed he was the one biting children so we got him. I just walked over, I thought he would be some viscous dog but turned out not to be at all. However I did notice his behavior towards the kids and I could see the issue but he was hard from being a viscous dog. We all know how kids can be and I think how the kids treated him was part of his demeanor. He was nothing but pure sweetness when we brought him in..I think at first he was kind of giving the eye like um why did t hey lock me in this crate but shortly after within a couple hours when ever we would come near his crate he would wag his tail that you could hear the sound from across the room. However there was debate, we did not know what to do, finally we found a solution and we were able to sweet this sweet boy from being killed. So grateful he was able to be taken to a safe place! So so grateful as it really had me in tears the other thought of possibly putting this sweet boy to sleep. So the following day he was up first and we neutered him. One of the sweetest experiences which I have seen it with various owners who come in and lean over or come stand with their dog or the recovery table and they start wagging their tail either from seeing their owner or hearing their owners voice. So it was so sweet when I was helping to look after him and he wag his tail cause I was there. Totally such an experience. Think its one of the stories from this past clinic I will remember the most, although there are several others.

We had four days of surgery and then 1 day on either end for set up and take down. In total 149 animals were spayed/neutered (both cats and dogs). It took sometime for the word to get around but when it finally did we were getting close to the end and we actually had to turn some people back just cause we would not be able to get to them. However this is an area that so needs help so I am sure there will be other clinics in the area.

(You may view the images larger by clicking on them and to view more pictures please click read more. Please note: There are a few surgery shots. I did not load all the ones I took here but there are a few. Just a fair warning for anyone who may be squeamish. )

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