Thursday, 8 October 2015

Bearing Witness: October 8th, 2015

Had a good vigil today, thanks to everyone who came!!! We had good numbers there today ♥ I started counting trucks then somehow stopped but we bear witness to many trucks this morning. Although was not always able to make it to the median on time we did get to spend some time with some of them before their horrible ending happened. So heartbreaking we treat fellow beings this way, they are loving beings with the intelligence even greater than dogs which most of us share our homes with. I hope while we were there could feel some love, some peace, some moments of relief but its must be horrible, they are LIVING A NIGHTMARE. Animals themselves are the biggest sufferers from PTSD, (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). The things they witness, the things they go through, its something we can't even get close to imagining but not quite. We can pick up their energy and that affects our own being. Its unbelievably tragic that these beings have had to go through the horrors they did, they are so SWEET and simply want to be loved. But because someones ribs, and bacon they had to die. Our choices dictate what world we are building, and it comes from our actions THIS VERY MOMENT. The past has brought us to where we are today, but today will predict our future. No being DESERVES to go through what they went through today, and several thousands others did around the world. If we have compassion in our hearts it will lead us home. We've lost our path, as protectors, as guardians, instead we bathe in terms and mentality of ownership and property to other living beings. It doesn't matter what has been done, no one can change the past, no one can bring back a life, but we can save, and prevent others from having to face the cruelty they face on an on going basis. Animals are here with us and not for us, truly heartbreaking. We see you, we love you, we are trying.

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